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Our Story


I am Paola, the founder of That's Amore! Kitchens. I was born and raised in Milano, Italy, where I met my husband, Rai, and where we started our family. Rai and I share a love for food and cooking together, along with our aspiring sous chefs – our kids!

That’s Amore Kitchens aims to bring the true tastes, culture, and traditions of Italy to our community. Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours experimenting in the kitchen and visiting restaurants across Italy and the U.S. 

We are excited to share our original, homemade family recipes and delicious flavors of authentic Italian baked goods with you!

In 2016, we moved to Minnesota for Rai’s job with our twins. Years of working with financial institutions while being a mom to our incredible children helped me realize my true passion – to bring our original, homemade family recipes and delicious flavors of authentic Italian baked goods to others’ tables, ready for YOU to enjoy. 


Cooking brings people together, a common thread between many countries and cultures. Living far away from our home country has reminded us how important it is to share our Italian traditions with our children and new friends, including the flavors and comforting smells that accompany our food, from focaccia bread to Italian desserts and treats.


Growing up in Italy, I watched my parents and grandmothers prepare scrumptious meals from simple ingredients and helped them in the kitchen. I learned a great deal by practicing their techniques. I still savor my grandma's panzerotti, my other grandma's torta di mele, an apple cake that nobody in our family has quite been able to replicate, and my mom's cotoletta, which is a veal chop and remains the most requested dish when we fly back to visit her in Italy. Since becoming part of Rai's family, a new world of flavors and ingredients joined my recipe book. I feel so lucky to have a mother-in-law who always answers my calls and texts, especially when I was learning to replicate Rai's favorite dishes when we were newlyweds in Milano. That's Amore! Kitchens' recipes were passed along to me by the women in my family, and I’m especially proud to carry on their legacies.


That's Amore! Kitchens’ Italian menu represents what family dining is back at home: nourishing for the body and the spirit, handmade in our kitchen, with love.


After all, Amore means love... and cooking is nothing less than an act of love!

Benvenuti nelle nostre cucine!

(Welcome to our kitchens!)



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